ROYAL MOB, Denmark’s fast rising rock quartet.


Captivating riffs, heavy drums and outspoken vocals give Royal Mob an unparalleled fusion of modern rock and soul-inspired melodies. The band which was formerly known as Mojave Desert Rebels, has since 2015 been a keen component on the Danish underground scene.

The four guys with their base in Copenhagen have, with their straightforward, but firm approach to song compositions, built solid groundwork for their debut release Cinematic.

Ever since the band’s EP Through The Fire was released in 2015, Royal Mob has been broadcasting a number of singles, music videos and has toured Denmark, Germany and France, with a support gig for Manic Street Preachers at the internationally acknowledged venue VEGA.

Their inspiration is sampled from the British rock scene with ambitions and material, that shows great international potential.

The songs from "Cinematic" are composed and produced in collaboration with Mirza Radonjica (Siamese, Ghost Iris, Cold Night For Aligators) and Nicklas Sonne (Defecto), recorded at Sonne Studios. The album has been released on May 25th through Prime Collective.


Guitar / Morten Bernstorf Hansen
Vocals / Alfonso Sanchez
Bass / Guillaume Blanjean
Drums / Andreas Bütow Pröll