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UPDATE x 04/10/2019

Our new single - Prism is now out and available on every streaming services.



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ALTCORNER (UK): “It is fair to say that these guys should be selling out huge shows in the years to come”.

ROCK RAGE RADIO (US): "Hooking guitar riffs, unparagoned vocal ranges and addictive lyrics push Royal Mob over the top with incomparable sounds".

LA GROSSE RADIO (FR): “The more we go through this album, the catchier the songs become and make you want to dance, like an invitation to party”.

ALREADY HEARD (UK): "With their groove-filled riffs and straight up catchy hooks, Royal Mob sound like the perfect fit for the ever-burgeoning “Brit Rock” scene".

PUNKTASTIC (UK): "Royal Mob don't lack talent and the bass alone makes 'Cinematic' well worth a listen”.

GAFFA (DK): “There are lots of promising hits on the debuting Royal Mob’s debut "Cinematic".

POWERPLAY MAGAZINE (UK): “Royal Mob are clearly not a lazy band ... This is certainly a polished album. There are some math-rock style touches thrown in to keep things interesting and album opener “Wanna Lie With You” is powered by a bouncy effervescent riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a QOTSA album”.